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Portable Storage Units

Portable storage units are moving containers that can be used to store various items amongst other uses. Since they are portable, you can easily load them on a truck and move them wherever you want. Portable containers make it easy for people to load, pack, and move their stuff. Are you looking for a moving container? We are your go-to suppliers.

At Spano Container, we are the leading suppliers of portable storage containers for rent in New York. We strive to offer a solution to our customers’ shipping, storage, and temporary occupancy needs with our mobile offices and containers. Our mobile office units for rent vary in size ranging from 8 ft to 40 ft.

What are the Advantages of Renting Portable Storage Containers?

Portable storage containers make moving easier and more convenient. This is because you will comfortably load your belongings quickly and transport them safely. Here are other benefits of using these boxes:

  • Accessibility

    • Most companies that offer storage containers for rent provide delivery services as well. This eliminates the hassle of driving a large vehicle over a long distance. Your storage container will be brought right to your doorstep regardless of where you are.

  • Versatile

    • There are many other uses of portable storage containers besides moving goods to your home. These containers can also be used to transport commercial facility contents just as effectively

How Can You Get the Right Sized Portable Storage Container?

Since they were introduced, moving containers have become a popular way of moving household furnishings from one place to another. Knowing the exact size of the moving container you need will keep your moving costs low. Here is a guideline to help you:

  • The Material

    • Storage containers come in various sizes, construction design, and material. The weight that storage containers can handle varies regardless of them being almost the same size. However, compared to all materials, steel containers can handle the heaviest goods.

  • Dimensions and Capacities

    • Storage containers of various capacities are capable of holding a certain number of rooms, furnishings, and other household items. Your provider will recommend a storage container of a size that will accommodate your belongings comfortably.

Insurance Coverage for Portable Storage Containers

Accidents are inevitable, making it important to get an insurance cover for a rented storage container. Here are insurance coverage options that will protect you during your move:

  • Content Protection

    • Most content protection covers will insure your items against burglary, accidents, and vandalism while being stored in the containers at storage centers, your home, or even during transit. That said, the insurance will not cover any damages or loss of prohibited items.

  • Container Cover

    • This will cover your rented storage container in case of a loss or damages due to lighting, hail, windstorms, fire, explosions, and other accidents.

Where to Get a Portable Storage Container

Let us make moving easy with our portable storage containers for rent. At Spano Container, you will find solutions for your storage and occupancy needs at competitive rates. Call us today at 315.253.9062.

Spano Container builds custom fabricated containers for a very wide variety of needs. Whether your educational facility is trying to return to school safely or you have the need for extra space at home. Spano Container creates fabricated containers that will suit your needs.

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We have been serving the Syracuse, New York area for over 60 years.

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