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Is Alopecia A Disability

They actually use alopecia as an example of one of handicap categories that tends to be discriminated: "The third and final category covers people who are not disabled at all, but who are "perceived" to be so. This category includes persons with conditions that do not impair "major life activities," but which tend to stigmatize such people.

  • VA issues disability rating criteria to determine how much compensation a veteran will receive monthly for service-connected conditions. For scarring alopecia, VA issues three ratings: 20 percent, 10 percent, and 0 percent. The criteria are as follows: 20 percent disability rating: Scarring alopecia “affecting more than 40 percent of the scalp”

  • An extremely rare genetic syndromic intellectual disability described in less than 20 families to date and characterized by total or partial alopecia associated with intellectual deficit. The syndrome can be associated with other anomalies such as seizures, sensorineural hearing loss, delayed psychomotor development, and/or hypertonia.

  • Alopecia patients organization - Alopeciförbundet - has been quite active during last years trying to obtain status of disability organization. While not a disability in its own right an employer might discriminate against such an individual on the unfounded belief that the condition indicates cancer.

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Is Alopecia A Disability

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