Storage Units Syracuse New York

Storage units have simplified management and increased cash flow consistently, making them an attractive investment. Options for storage containers are flexible. Based on what suits your needs best, you can rent, lease, or own a storage unit. Are you considering investing in a storage unit? We are expert suppliers.

At Spano Container, we supply storage units in Syracuse New York. We deliver outstanding storage units that are dependable, secure, and multi-purpose. Our storage units are designed to keep belongings under controlled temperature and humidity regardless of the climate at the setup location. We customize various locking mechanisms to make our storage units as secure as possible. What’s more, you can either rent or purchase our storage units depending on your needs and budget.

What Businesses Can Be Run in A Storage Unit?

Have you been working from your house but you now want a different location away from home? You should consider renting a storage unit. They are cheaper compared to permanent offices, and you still get all the space you need. Here are some of the businesses that be run from a storage unit:

  • Content Providing

    • As a content provider, all you need is your computer, an internet connection, and electricity. Why go for an expensive permanent office when you can access the same amenities from a more cost-effective option?

  • Handy Skills

    • If your job involves fixing broken stuff, then you know how important it is to have an office. You will need a room to operate from and also a place to store your tools. Your house will look a mess and be congested with parts and tools all over. A storage container is ideal for this line of work.

What Size of Storage Unit Will You Need?

The size of your unit will vary greatly depending on a number of variables. The size of your furniture and how high the boxes can be stacked are the key determinants. Small items, urban, or seasonal items such as camping equipment, clothes, kid’s toys, and books will most probably fit in a storage unit of 2’X2’ to 5’X5'.

However, if you have equipment such as major appliances, garage extras, patio furniture, and miscellaneous items, you might require a unit that is anywhere between 10’X20’ to 10’X30’.

Protecting Your Possessions from Pest Damage in a Storage Unit

Most storage facilities have their units sprayed by pest control experts. However, after renting or buying a storage unit, you will have to take some basic steps to prevent pests from damaging your possessions.

Spray the interior of your unit at least once a month with a pest repellent to keep pests off your belongings and storage unit. Additionally, keep the delicate and valuable items in a unit that has hard and thick sides.

Storage Container Suppliers

Let us provide you with more space using our affordable storage units in Syracuse New York. At Spano Container, you will get the perfect solution to your storage and moving needs. To rent or purchase a storage unit, call us today on 315.253. 9062.