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20' Starting At $18,900.00

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As well-known suppliers of storage containers in Syracuse NY, we would love to be your first stop when you are looking to make the transition to a storage container tiny home.

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Tiny Homes -

Thinking Outside Of The Box.

Tiny homes are the latest trend to get to the heart of the matter of living – why do you need a big place that costs a fortune when you can live just as well in a tiny home? We are the experts for Syracuse tiny homes, building a lifestyle just for you.


Land is at a premium in many areas, but the demand for larger and larger homes has increased over the years as a large home is often seen as a sign of success. Following on from the global financial crisis that began several years ago and tying in with the environmental need to be more eco-friendly, tiny homes are now gaining the popularity they rightfully deserve.

Tiny Homes Syracuse, NY


Syracuse, New York is packed full of buildings of every shape and size you could imagine. We provide the storage containers Syracuse NY uses for many different needs, with one of the most exciting applications being the creation of new living spaces.


Tiny homes in Syracuse fulfill two purposes. First, they allow the option for people to live debt-free, not tied into a large mortgage or paying rent every month. Second, they allow you to choose exactly what is important to you in a home and not be forced into somebody else’s idea of living.


Well-designed tiny homes can include living areas, a kitchen, bedrooms, and more. You lose nothing by reducing the size, other than years of debt. When there are only benefits to living this way, why would you choose anything else?


What We Can Do

As specialists in storage containers, we know exactly what needs to be done to make them into tiny homes. Our prices start at just 20' for $18,900.00 which is a fraction of what you would pay for a traditional home.


We’ll take you through the process of choosing the right size of the container to getting it delivered to the final location. Our comprehensive service allows you to dream big and live small at the same time.


Get in touch with us to discover how we can fit out a container for you to live in. We’ll build everything customized to your specification, giving you the home you’ve always wanted in the smallest space possible.


Call today and prepare for the biggest (and smallest) move you’ll ever make.


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