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The ideal solution for on-site storage, and temporary occupancy needs!

Our wide variety of on-site storage products ensures that we can meet your storage needs, whatever they are.

  • Short or long term on-site storage (2-month minimum rental)

  • Delivery and pickup to and from the site

  • Weatherproof

  • Available for rent or purchase

  • Locking Doors for Security

  • Available within 24 hours

  • Custom Options available

    • Doors where you want them

    • Jobsite trailers

    • Office and storage combo unit

More About Us

60 years experience offering storage containers to the greater  Syracuse, New York area.


We are good at what we do.

We offer storage solutions to the Central, New York Area. We are reliable and have been proven to get the job done.  


Every customer gets "special treatment". We want everyone who walks through our door to feel well taken care of.


Thank you very much for considering us as your storage solution business in Syracuse, NY


You can even use a storage container to join the Syracuse tiny homes movement or set up an office where you need one. The possibilities are almost endless!

The great thing about a storage container is that it can be moved from one location to another, so if you only need it for a short while, itís not a problem. Of course, thereís no requirement to move it, so you can have it set up for as long as you need. We offer both a rental option and a purchase option, so talk to us today to discover what will work best for you.

Syracuse Containers is based in and serves the Syracuse, New York area. All our storage containers are of the highest quality and can be provided with doors in different positions depending on your requirements. The doors are fully locking ensuring the safety of anything kept inside.

Our containers are weatherproof which will provide protection to the contents whether itís a sunny day or pouring with rain. If the container is used as an office or break room, protection from the elements is important to prevent damage to equipment and to keep your workers safe and well.

Should you choose to use one of our containers as an extra room, we can custom fit it to your requirements enabling you to have office space, changing rooms, and more, as and when you need it.


In Syracuse NY, storage containers provide an easy option for expanding your floorspace without the need to obtain an extra building.




This is Our Big Buck Box. We offer a great alternative to your usual hunting cabin. 

- Available in 20’ and 40’ sizes

- Powered by generator or hookup to power

- Dozens of interior options available to suit your needs

- Lockable, Safe and Secure

- Complete water systems, sink, and showers

- Design yourself a home away from home

Hands on Deck



Create an on-location nerve center in the Syracuse, NY area. Conduct meetings, review plans, make phone calls, access desktop computers in one of Spano’s mobile offices. Anything you could do in an insulated space is just steps away from where the work is going on. For more detail on our mobile office choices, click here.

Checking Inventory

Storage Of Retail Overstock

If the products you have on hand are getting out of hand, a storage container might be the perfect solution to reduce congestion within your commercial space. That way you can store seasonal or less popular items until they are called for again. The extra space our containers provide allows customers to rotate their stock or stay ready for rushes while keeping their aisles from getting crowded.

Wedding Photography



Could your concert, tournament, festival or wedding use a temporary and secure space, for example, to store your guest's possessions or sell tickets?

Keep your guests feeling comfortable and relaxed while there possessions are kept in a safe space. 

Fixing the Roof


During  Remodeling

When doing a remodel in the Syracuse, NY area, wouldn’t it be easiest to move everything out of the way temporarily to a place nearby that is still easily accessible? Commercial businesses like stores, restaurants, and hotels periodically use our Spano storage containers to keep their inventory and other property safe and out of the way as they update their locations.



Schools in the Syracuse, NY area have multiple needs for storage containers that can be rented or purchased including: preparing for a renovation, storing documents, housing athletic/band equipment, securing heavy equipment including yard maintenance equipment.


Our storage containers at Spano Container have even been equipped with crash bars and adapted for auxiliary learning spaces.

Masonry Installation Services

Construction Storage

Store valuable raw materials, equipment and tools right where you need them without worrying about theft or damage.

Spano Container has the best and most reliable storage containers in Syracuse, New York.

When you have a construction project you have to have the most secure storage containers possible to protect your valuable building materials and tools. You need everything at your disposal.

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We take a container and turn it into an amazing living space, customized to your specifications. If you need a home and can't afford the usual mortgage payments we have your solution. 

Downsize comfortably with our ingenious designs for your new home. 




With hospitals running out of space Spano Container has come up with a humane and potentially life-saving alternative to telling these patients to stay home or turning them away. We can make it possible for you to have more space. These units can also be used for testing centers when the testing needs to take place outside of the hospital because space is an issue. We want to help you resolve your space problems and made it possible to save lives. 

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With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have had to come up with alternatives to keeping our children engaged in education. Some parents have chosen to home school, some have chosen to have their children safely return to school. 


Our mobile classrooms can be used at home and at educational facilities.


Contact us now for more details. 

Coffee with Macaroons

Break Room 

Create a comfortable space to change clothes, take five or eat lunch during a shift without leaving the site.

Spano Containers offers Syracuse, New York a wonderful way to give your workers or event guests a place to relax or store belongings for the day or a few hours in the evening.