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Spano Container
Containers, Mobile Offices, Hunting Cabins, And Tiny Homes For Sale.

We offer 8, 10, 20, and 40' containers in the following condition: 

Used, Cargo Worthy, Refurbished, One Trip, And New

Whether you’re looking for a used, reconditioned, or new storage container, we can provide you with different types and conditions to fit your needs. The price of painting a container is included in the price of our refurbished containers. The shipping fee varies, so please inquire about the delivery cost before you purchase. Availability for containers is three weeks.


Please Call Us At 315.253.9062 For All Pricing. Pricing Is Subject To Change.


Always call before purchasing.

Availability for containers will depend on the container you choose. 

We serve customers across Upstate and Central New York, including, but not limited to Auburn, Binghamton, Corning, Cortland, 

Elmira, Glens, Falls, Ithaca, Rochester, Rome, 

Syracuse, Utica, and Watertown.


Storage solutions

Containers For Sale

Containers For Sales
  • Mobile Rental Storage ContainerStep 1 - Order Your
    Call Spano Containers 315.253.9062 and speak with one of our local and friendly customer services representatives or fill out our quote form right here on the website. We will help determine the best solution for your onsite storage and mobile office needs. Our team is trained to ask the right question to better understand you specific storage needs.
  • Mobile Rental Storage Container Step 2 - We Deliver the Container
    Fast Delivery! Our trained delivery specialist will deliver your Spano Container to your site quickly and efficiently.
  • Mobile Rental Storage Container Step 4 - We Pick Up Your Container
    When you are finished using your container and have removed your belongings, give us a call 315.253.9062 and we’ll come pick it up. We offer short and long term leasing options and even sell containers ensuring that you will be able to find something for the time you need it.
  • Buying A Tiny Home Or Big Buck Box
    First we recommend that you fill out our order form telling us all of your wants and needs. You can find it by clicking HERE. Once that is done we will process your non-refundable deposit and move forward with your tiny home. Depending on the size of the project you can expect to have your tiny home in 3-6 months. Click Here To Purchase Now
  • Renting Our Mini Self-Storage At 277 North St.Auburn NY 13021
    This is a monthly self-storage option located at 277 North St.Auburn NY 13021. You can reserve your unit by CLICKING HERE. We offer many sizes for dry and safe storage.
  • Purchasing A Container
    We have several options for purchasing containers. It all depends on the size and condition of the container. ClICK HERE to learn more about our options.
  • More About Our Containers...
    Stano Container will deliver a clean, dry, weather-tight, portable storage container, mobile custom built container or mobile office trailer directly to your home, business, or job site. Unlike traditional self-storage facilities, where you haul all your items to their facility, you can now have secure on-site storage and office space delivered right to you. You can use the shipping container or office container as long as needed and when you are done, we will pick up the empty unit and remove it from your site. If you purchase your custom built container you keep it for life. For more specific information about contact us.
  • Rent Or Purchase?
    Please be clear about whether or not you want to rent or purchase in our char or request form.
  • Why Do I Have To Give My Phone Number?
    We have to be able to call you to discuss your requests.
  • Why Do I Need To Give My Delivery Address Before I Get A Quote?
    We have to be able to rate your milage in oder to give you a proper quote.
  • How To Plan For Packing Your Storage Container
    Are you dealing with piles of stuff and you have nowhere to store them? Plastic storage containers are an effective temporary solution for organizing valuable belonging both at home and at your workplace. Below are tips to help you get a plastic storage container that will meet your needs: ​ The Weight of Your Belongings The more items you store away, the heavier your plastic box will become. It’s advisable to have many smaller containers, rather than one large container that will require you to hire a forklift to do the moving. ​ Your Needs Go through your stuff. Get rid of what you do not need, maybe give out some. Work with what is left behind to determine how much storage you’ll require. ​ The Handles You might be tempted to ignore the importance of handles, but don’t. Handles will be of great help when moving the boxes. When purchasing plastic storage containers, go for sturdy handles that will not crack or break. ​
  • How Do You Check a Storage Facility’s Reputation?
    ​When buying or renting a storage unit, you definitely want to get services from the most reputable and trusted storage facility. These simple tips will help you know more about a facility’s reputation: ​ Check Online Do thorough online research to get more details about the storage facility. Find out what's being said about the company’s products and services. You should be able to gauge a provider’s reputation from online customer reviews. ​ The Better Business Bureau (BBB) BBB will provide you with information such as the facility’s overall rating, the number, and type of complaints filed against them. It is unusual to get a facility without a complaint. However, choose one with fewer complaints. ​
  • How Do You Maximize Container Storage?
    The space of your container remains constant. However, the following tips will help you get the best out of the available space: ​ Organize Your Belongings Vertically Start with loading the back of the unit. Place the heavier items at the bottom, moving to the lighter ones towards the ceiling. ​ Go Through Your Items You do not want to rent a storage unit to store things you do not need. For that reason, sort out what you need and what you don’t. Do away with what you don’t need to create more room.​​​​​​
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