Spano Container offers containers, creative fabrications, tiny homes,  mobile classrooms, COVID triage units, and mobile offices for sale. The price varies considering the condition and date of sale. Prices are subject to change. Always call us before purchasing.

The price of painting a container is included in the price of our refurbished containers. 


Spano Container offers a variety of storage and shipping containers for sale. We sell standard 10', 20′, and 40′ storage containers as well as many other specialty models. We serve customers  across Upstate New York, including, but not limited to, Auburn, Binghamton, Corning, Cortland,

Elmira, Glens Falls, Ithaca, Rochester, Rome, Syracuse, Utica, and Watertown. We offer containers in the following condition: 



Whether you’re looking for a used, reconditioned, or a new storage container we carry them all. We can provide all different types and conditions to fit your needs. The delivery fee varies so please inquire about the delivery cost before you purchase. Shipping starts at $160.00,  one way if the drop off is within under an hour of Auburn, NY.  If It is an hour away it will be $180.00. Availability is one-two weeks.


Please call us at 315.253.9062 for all pricing. Pricing subject to change.


Containers For Sale

Basic & Used 40'

Basic & Used 40'

Basic & Used 20'

Basic & Used 20'


These containers are inspected to make sure they are dry and weather tight. The inspection includes checking to make sure that doors work properly, all door gaskets are in good shape and the roof, as well as sidewalls, are solid. Used units come in various colors and have the original paint finish. These units will have some exposed rust and repair patches but this varies based on the age of the unit.

Refurbished 40'

Refurbished 40'

Refurbished 20'

Refurbished 20'


Reconditioned storage containers are given extra attention. We inspect, wash, prep, sand, prime, & install a new coat of professional paint. They look basically like they did before they were first used. Our standard paint colors include green, blue, red, and brown.


Reconditioned units bring extra space to wherever you need it while maintaining a professional external appearance.

These units may come with dents.

One Trip 40'

One Trip 40'

One Trip 20'

One Trip 20'


These containers are in excellent condition and have little to no dents. They are considered cargo worthy.  We use containers that are manufactured in the USA and from overseas. They are in prime condition and are weather tight. 

This is perfect if you want a  container with no damage or rust.


Mobile Offices

We provide on-site office space for commercial, construction & industrial customers. Our temporary office units are made from industrial-strength steel. We then add heating/cooling, lights, electrical wiring, and security features including our Spano Container box enclosure and welded metal bars on all windows. Add -ons increase cost. Please call before you purchase.

20' Mobile Office

20' Mobile Offices Starting At

20' Mobile Offices Starting At


The Spano Container 20' Mobile Office provides an all open office interior. Offering a safe, convenient onsite office space for any kind of event, job site, or industrial project.

40' Mobile Office

40' Mobile Offices Starting At

40' Mobile Offices Starting At


The Spano Container 40' provides an all open office interior. You can have your container built out to suit your needs. Whether you need it for an event, a work event, overstock, an onsite office for construction or space for your employees during a renovation.

Mobile Classrooms

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have had to come up with alternatives to keeping our children engaged in education. Some parents have chosen to home school, some have chosen to have their children safely return to school. 


Our mobile classrooms can be used at home and at educational facilities.


Contact us now for more details. 

Starting At $12,000.00

COVID-19 Triage Units

With hospitals running out of space Spano Container has come up with a humane and potentially life-saving alternative to telling these patients to stay home or turning them away. We can make it possible for you to have more space. These units can also be used for testing centers when the testing needs to take place outside of the hospital because space is an issue. We want to help you resolve your space problems and made it possible to save lives.


Starting At $12,000.00

Tiny Homes

We take a container and turn it into an amazing living space, customized to your specifications. If you need a home and can't afford the usual mortgage payments we have your solution. 

Downsize comfortably with our ingenious designs for your new home. 

20' Starting At $18,900.00

40' Starting At $29,900.00



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