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Mobile Office Containers

Mobile office containers are a perfect way of taking your business on the road. They might be temporary spaces, but they’re extremely versatile and can be used in various ways. Have you outgrown your office space? Or maybe you’re starting a new project, and you need a new location to operate from? We can help you get a storage container that will help solve your problem.

At Spano Container, we provide a variety of mobile offices in Syracuse, New York. Other than offices, our portable storage containers can also be customized to be used for other purposes. All our storage units are available for sale or renting at unbeatable prices. We deliver the units wherever our clients want them.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Office Containers?

Picture the freedom of moving your business from one place to another without any hassle or extra expenses. Mobile offices are a perfect alternative before deciding where you want to set up your business in a permanent brick-and-mortar building. The following are some of the ways a mobile office will benefit your business:

  • Saves You Money

    • ​If you are a forward-thinking business owner, you are open-minded and flexible to change. You might want to free up some cash by getting a mobile office since they are more affordable compared to permanent spaces.

  • Expanding a Business

    • Land space can never be an issue with portable storage units. Is your business located on a small land lot or in dense cityscapes? A multi-story storage unit is an ideal solution to help your business expand upwards instead of outwards.

What Should You Consider When Getting a Mobile Office Trailer?

An office does not necessarily have to be located in a permanent space. A storage container can be repurposed and used as a temporary office space. Business owners can either rent or buy mobile office trailers. It all depends on their needs. Whatever your requirements are, consider the following factors when getting a mobile office trailer.

  • Do You Want a New or Used Mobile Office?

    • Depending on your needs and budget, decide if you want to get a used or new storage container for your mobile office. It’s advisable to invest in a new trailer if you have long-term needs.

  • Your Location

    • A mobile office can be set up in any location. However, the ground has to be leveled to provide adequate support to the structure. Your supplier might need some information about the setup site to organize preparations if need be.

Mobile Office Set Up Tip

You can now work outside your office if you have the right equipment and tools. Besides having a quiet and dedicated space in your mobile office, you might need a co-working space.

Sharing office space with freelancers or maybe other small business owners will benefit both you and your business significantly, such as reducing the overheads, thereby freeing up cash.

Mobile Office Providers

Let us provide you with an affordable office space that will not tie you down to one location. At Spano Container, we are the number one supplier of mobile offices in Syracuse, New York. To place your order, call us today on 315.253. 9062.

Spano Container builds custom fabricated containers for a very wide variety of needs. Whether your educational facility is trying to return to school safely or you have the need for extra space at home. Spano Container creates fabricated containers that will suit your needs.

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We have been serving the Syracuse, New York area for over 60 years.

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