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New York Storage Containers

Most people fall in love with how incredible storage containers look. A storage unit can be repurposed and used as a home or office. Homeowners are now ditching traditional houses for storage container tiny houses. The storage units can also be used to temporarily store belongings in case of inadequate space at home or work. Are you considering investing in a storage container? We are the storage unit experts you need.

At Spano Container, we are highly reputed for our New York Storage containers. We supply a wide range of specialized units such as tiny houses, big buck boxes, mobile offices, mini storage, and containers. Our storage containers are as sturdy as they are durable.

Does Your Storage Container Need Insulation?

Insulation is quite important when it comes to storage containers. This is mostly because the insulation will protect your storage unit from extreme outdoor elements. The type of insulation you need will depend on your situation and goals.

You might not need to insulate your container if you live in an area that does not require cooling or heating. Some places need extreme heating and air conditioning. If you reside in such an area, then insulation is highly recommended.

Different types of container insulation have their own advantages and disadvantages. The kind of insulation mostly varies depending on the manufacturer and region. That said, when evaluating insulation options, it is crucial to consider factors such as performance, R-value, net interior space, how well insulation will prevent air leakage, vapor permeability, and the cost of insulation.

How Long Do Storage Containers Last?

Storage containers are among the most well-built, long-lasting structures available. On average, you should expect your storage container to serve you for at least twenty five years without any malfunctions. However, the durability of a storage container will mostly depend on the conditions it’s subjected to.

Pre-owned storage containers have been used in shipping services before. Therefore, they will last for a shorter period compared to new storage units. Used storage containers will last for at least ten years. However, they will last longer if they’re well maintained.

To make your container last even longer, you can clad it with an external layer of wood. Also, protect your container from rust by all means. Rust is the one thing that will shorten the lifespan of a storage container. If you spot any rust on your container, ensure that you treat it as soon as possible.

Storage Container as a Secure Home Option

Storage containers are originally built as an impenetrable airtight storage solution for transporting goods anywhere around the world. This means that storage containers are secure enough. You can leave your storage container at home for as long as you want without having to worry about anyone breaking into it. Actually, the amount of lost and stolen cargos dropped drastically after the introduction of storage containers.

Storage Containers for Sale and Rent

Let us provide you with an effective moving and storage solution. At Spano Container, you will find a variety of New York storage containers at unbeatable prices. Call us today on 315.253.9062.

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