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Storage Containers for Sale

Shipping containers are not only used for transportation, but also as a construction solution. They are becoming a major trend being used in extraordinary ways ranging from affordable homes, retail establishments, and trendy restaurants. Storage containers are inexpensive and easy to acquire, especially with the help of an expert. We are the professionals you need.

At Spano Container, we supply storage containers for sale to customers in Syracuse, New York, and the surrounding areas. Our storage containers are ideal for mobile offices, tiny homes, and temporary occupancies. We customize containers to meet the needs of our customers. Our rental storage units can be used for various purposes other than mobile office units.

What are the Uses of Storage Containers?

Initially, storage containers were used to transport goods from ship to land efficiently. However, due to creativity and innovation, they are now being used in some unique and interesting ways. Here are different ways people use these sturdy boxes:

  • Homes

    • One of the common trends of shipping container repurposing is to create housing. These containers are affordable, making them ideal for families that are looking to live off-the-grid. They are portable, and thus easy to set up just about anywhere. Storage containers give homeowners the freedom of creating anything from tiny homes to large apartments.

  • Schools

    • Building schools is impossible in some places due to the expected prohibitive costs. Shipping containers are portable and low-priced compared to constructing a building from the ground up, thus providing the perfect solution to such areas. These schools can be powered using renewable resources such as solar panels.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Storage Container?

When purchasing a storage container, you should have certain things in mind. This is mostly because you will come across various options that will make it hard for you to narrow down your choices. Consider the following factors before making such an investment:

  • The Shape and Size

    • Have a look at the variety of options available. Although you already have your ideal container in mind, you might be inspired to get something different when you come across various shapes and sizes.

  • Discuss Your Needs

    • Discuss what you need with the sales representative. Explain in detail how you would like to use the container. Tell the expert about your budget, location, and project, for them to be able to assist you with your search. ​​

Benefits of Storage Containers

If you need to transport products to various locations or you just want to store your valuables for some time, consider shipping containers because of the following advantages:

  • Security

    • You can install effective locking mechanisms in your storage container. This will ensure the safety of your valuables. Padlocks are the simplest and most commonly used to achieve container security.

  • Durability

    • Steel storage containers will remain intact regardless of harsh weather conditions.

Get a Storage Container

Let us help you settle down right where you want. At Spano Container, we have portable storage containers for sale at affordable prices. To place your order, call us at 315. 253.9062.

CONTACT US TODAY! 315-253-9062

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