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We provide top of the line storage containers!

Spano Container has been in business for over 60 years. We provide top of the line storage containers, mobile office container spaces, tiny homes made from containers, and combination custom-built use containers for rent or purchase in the Syracuse, New York, and central New York area.

Get extra secure space where you need it including construction sites, moving, events, retail overflow, and growing commercial locations.

Don't make the mistake of not taking care of your possessions or property correctly. Your goods must be protected from the elements, bad fortune, and thieves. You need to make sure that everything that you are responsible for and own is there when you need it with Syracuse Containers brought to you by Spano Container.

Get a dry safe place right where you need it! Having a mobile office on location at a job site makes a huge improvement in efficiency. Same with storage: keep your things out of the way but where you can get at them easily when you need them.

Spano Container Corporation has been in business for over 60 years. We will handle your account with the same integrity and attention to detail that has made us a success for decades.

Secure & Safe

Keep your valuable property locked up tight against thieves, vandals, and the elements. It’s tough to mess with a huge steel box.

We have really put a lot of thinking into our ability to customize our containers. One awesome example of this is our "Big Buck Box", a retrofitted container custom crafted into a hunting cabin.

Syracuse, NY



277 North St, Auburn, NY 13021

Let Us Know How We Can Fulfill Your Storage Needs:

Address: 277 North St, Auburn, NY 13021


Mobile Storage

9 AM ⋅ 5PM Monday - Saturday

Mini Storage

9 AM ⋅ 5PM Monday - Sunday

Phone: (315) 253-9062 315.253.9062

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